Wake More Naturally

If you have your alarm on your phone set to ‘ring’ or ‘beep’ then that means you’ll be being jarred suddenly awake by a loud noise which can startle you. When we’re shocked we produce stress hormones as part of our survival instinct – so it’s no surprise that this causes morning anxiety.

It’s also far from the natural way of waking up and not what our bodies are designed for. Instead then, try to wake yourself with a sound that brings you around gently – this could be the radio coming on, an alarm that gets gradually louder, or a daylight lamp that wakes you with natural looking light. Just leaving the curtains and window open is also a good strategy as this way you will be woken by natural sounds of birds and by the light hitting your eyes. If you set an alarm then as well then this will wake you out of a lighter sleep and be less of a shock.