The Power of Routine

For many of us, the idea of a routine is something that we shrug off as being boring or repetitive. A routine suggests that we’re doing the same thing day in and day out with very little variation and that’s not something that is highly appealing on the face of it.

And it’s also not particularly good for our brain, our focus, our happiness or anything else. The brain loves novelty and it’s only by pushing ourselves in new ways that we can keep growing and developing.

But with all that said, routine still has a lot of powerful benefits – and especially when you use it as a kind of ‘scaffolding’ upon which to hang all of your other interesting activities. You can still see new things, take on new challenges and explore the world, but then you’ll just return to your routine after each adventure.

Meanwhile, having a routine – a set time that you wake up, a set time that you go to the gym, a set meal that you eat at lunchtime – can help make it much easier to stick to any new plan.

Humans are ‘creatures of habits’. We are most comfortable when we have fallen into a routine and we are sticking with that. Habits are hard to form but they are even harder to break – which is why you will face a lot of opposition when you try and break a habit like biting your nails or raiding the fridge in the latter part of the afternoon.

We naturally tend to return to a routine or a rhythm of some sort once whenever we can and even when you visit a new town or country for a holiday, it’s normally only a matter of time before you’ve found your regular place for breakfast and found some kind of structure to your days.

Instead of fighting this structure then, the trick is to embrace it and to leverage it for your own gain – so that you can start building more muscle, losing more weight or becoming more productive.