Akshay’s fitness mantra is “Health Matter Most”. Akshay Kumar is a fitness freak actor, who has shaped his toned and sporty body through martial arts, adventurous sports, natural therapy and discipline life. Akshay Kumar is a fitness enthusiast who follow strict lifestyle regimen to maintain himself fit and healthy. He plays basketball and enjoys trekking. He prefers climbing staircase when hard to get time for martial arts, especially during shooting. During the shooting of “Singh is King”, he climbed 74 floors in Singapore. He is so fond of climbing that the actor has planted an artificial tree in his gym. His workout regimen focused upon fitness of the body instead of muscular one, so he completely disagrees with food supplements and steroid to make muscles. His fitness mantra and workout regimen revolves around array of exercises which he likes to practice on rotation basis. * Every day he gets up at 4.30 am in the morning and goes for one hour swimming. * Martial arts (1 hour) * Yoga and stretching exercises * Meditation (1 hour)  His fitness secrets is to get early in the morning and mixing various fitness regime to avoid monotonous exercises. He believes that martial arts and Yoga provide physical fitness and inner balance. His inclination is towards natural therapy to make himself fit and hot.